Head Soccer Hack and Cheats Tool

Who hasn’t heard yet, Head Soccer is a cool game for portable devices where you play soccer but in mortal combat style. You have only tow players on the pitch, you and your opponent and then you need to use mostly your heads to get the ball into other players net.

The game has some crazy special skills as well witch makes the gameplay over the top fun experience. With Head Soccer Hack tool you can unlock all the upgrades and enjoy new skills, players, combos and more. It really is a fun game to play when you are bored and have nothing to do – like on the half time of the world cup games this summer :D

I advice you to get the verison that is 99 cents though so you would not have to even use any cheats tool or spend any more money on the game.

Here is a good video about the game:

Grepolis Cheats Will Give You Wings

You can bet your sweet ass on that :D I downloaded Grepolis cheats from here and I must say that the game is totally new to me now. Before you could just grind in the game and then watch how player with more money and time just destroy your village but now, I am picking up the speed. The cheats allows you to have more resources like wood, rock and silver. With those, you can build more stuff and faster.

You will still have to wait for the buildings and army to be built but you can create more things in the same time frame. I hope they will add cheats for the time for building different things also. It would be so cool if it took 50% less time to create boats and barracks for example.

I played also Hitman Contracts yesterday. It’s my favorite first person single player shooter game. Not the Contracts game specifically but Hitman series as a whole. I like doing every mission with stealth mode on. That means, no bullets used, no alarms rised, nobody knows I was even there. There are similar games on the market such as Splinter Cell but it’s not the same. Even though Splinter Cell has some cool gadgets like shootable cameras and other such things it doesn’t give me the satisfaction than Hitman series does. There is something magical in walking around among the enemies while they do not suspect anything and at the same time, the possibility of getting caught. If you haven’t played Hitman then I definitely suggest you to do so.

Anyways, back to the Grepolis cheats, if you haven’t tried them yet then I really suggest you to try them out. If you are afraid of getting banned then just create a new account so that if you DO end of getting banned your main account will not be in danger. It would suck to lose the account where you have put so much time and energy into.

I will leave you with this first look video for those of you who don’t even know what the Grepolis is :D

Happy gaming guys!

Wizard101 Crown Generator pros and cons

wizard101 crown generatorWizard101 is a few years old game that is still widely popular amongst younger people from ages 7 till even up to the late teens. It is not an uncommon game even for some mothers to play in their spare time as well to some fathers who like to have a virtual adventure together with their children in a safe environment.

As the game advertises itself as free to play title we decided to take a try on this MMORPG. From the first couple of hours I played the game, I have nothing bad to say about it. I can see why it has been such a hit with children in United States. There are however, as always, some drawbacks to free to play games and Wizard101 is no exception.

While getting up to level 10 is an easy and fun experience I can not say the same about getting past level 15. The game requires some heavy dosh to make it an enjoyable experience. For that you either pay or.. get creative with your googling skills.

I tried the creative way and searched for Wizard101 crown generator. After finding a working specimen I played the game again. Let’s say I was not disappointed as the fun gameplay continued and only became better level after level but at what cost?

I was using a free Wizard101 crown generator but how much of a real world money would regular people have to shell out to get the same experience as I did and would it be worth it in the end?

I did some calculating and came up with a number of over $800 dollars to reach level 50 in the game. That’s more than any other MMORPG I have played before and in my honest opinion is crazy amount. The publishers advertise the game as a free to play game but do not really offer a true free to play experience.

So, what are the pros and cons of using a free crown generator? The obvious pros are the ability to play the game without spending a fortune. The cons? Well, as these type of game cheats are not allowed and when discovered you might lose your account. That’s a pretty big risk to take if you have worked hard on your character and then lose it after one mistake.

Should you use the Wizard101 crown generator? It’s up to you, if you don’t care about losing all your work at any moment and just enjoy the gameplay then yes, you should use it. If you account on the other hand is an old one and you have poured time and effort in the character then no, don’t use the cheats. It’s not worth it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and have a great day!